Mr James Moses


CHAIRMAN (APPOINTED 9th November 2022)

James is the founder and managing director of Mandate Corporate and has an extensive background in investment markets and the media.

His career began in the investment market, spanning a period of 15 years where held a number of business development roles for leading global fund managers, and was also a private client adviser for a high-net-worth investment advisory firm. Prior to establishing Mandate Corporate, James was Investor Relations Manager for a major national public relations firm. He has also previously worked as a business and finance journalist and was editor of Australia’s leading resource sector investor publication.

During the past 3 years he has served as director of the following public Listed Companies

– PepinNini Minerals Limited

Glenn Grayson


Managing Director (APPOINTED 20 January 2023)

Glenn is a geologist with deep exploration experience in the goldfields of Western Australia. He has held senior roles with Kin Mining NL, Northern Star Resources and Barrick Gold. Glenn has a successful track record of evaluating and generating gold resources through exploration success and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Aruma team.

Glenn’s experience within the Western Australian goldfields will provide considerable knowledge to deliver positive outcomes from work planned at all of Aruma’s projects.

Mr Grayson has not held a directorship in any public listed companies in the last three years.

Mr Brett Smith


DIRECTOR (Appointed 1st August 2022)

Brett has more than 30 years’ experience as a geologist, manager, consultant and director in the resource exploration and mining industry throughout Australia and internationally. He has extensive experience in both the corporate management and financing of junior exploration companies and has overseen the operations of several ASX listed companies with offshore mineral exploration and personnel.

During the past 3 years he has served as director of the following public Listed Companies

– Corazon Mining Limited*

– TG Metals Limited*

Mr Phillip MacLeod


COMPANY SECRETARY (Appointed 5th January 2010)

Mr MacLeod has extensive commercial experience and has held the position of company secretary with listed public companies since 1995.  He has provided corporate, management and accounting advice to several Australian and international public and private companies involved in the resource, technology, property and healthcare industries.

During the past 3 years he has served as Company Secretary of the following public Listed Companies

– Nexus Minerals Limited*

– FYI Resources Limited*

– Transaction Solutions International Limited *

* denotes current directorships