About Aruma Resources

Aruma Resources Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2010, with the focus of exploring and developing gold projects in the Norseman Wiluna belt.

The aim of the Company is to increase shareholder value through the application of modern exploration and advancements of its resource projects through to development. The company also actively reviews value accretive growth opportunities to augment the asset portfolio.

The Company is focused on gold within Eastern Goldfields. The focus is the exploration and subsequent exploitation of simple large high grade sediment hosted virgin deposits with underground potential close to Kalgoorlie.

Research Driven Exploration

Aruma aims to use recent developments in exploration science to aid the company with the pursuit for gold deposits in the Goldfields, undercover.

Aruma was successful in receiving Exploration Incentive Scheme funding for a 1,200m deep diamond hole at the Glandore Gold Project. The drill hole intersected a thick repetitive sequence of mafic/felsic sediments which showed no major structural deformation, a potential host for gold mineralisation, with geochemical analysis revealing alteration and mineralisation.

Research Driven Exploration Benefits

Since 2011, Aruma has been able to use an exploration model to generate targets and receive substantial benefits from R & D tax refunds.

Significant returns from R & D tax refunds

  2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 FY TOTAL
Total R&D Expenditure $941,857 $836,682 $1,414,562 $1,149,107 $1,384,515 $5,726,723
% Return 37% 45% 45% 45% 45% 44%
Tax Benefit $353,165 $376,507 $636,553 $517,098 $623,032 $2,506,354