Corporate Profile

Aruma Resources Limited is an active and focused junior exploration company, currently concentrating on the exploration and development of one advanced lithium project, Mt Deans and four 100%-owned gold exploration projects – the Saltwater and Melrose Projects in the exciting Pilbara region of WA, the Carter Well Gold Project in the Murchison and the Salmon Gums Project in south-east WA. Recently the REE potential at Saltwater has been renewed and will be explored soon.

The projects cover a total area of 1,595km2.

The Company utilises an inhouse research driven exploration model which is aimed at the discovery of new high-grade, sediment-hosted gold deposits, led by an experienced board and management team.

Research Driven Exploration

Aruma has initiated and developed the Sediment Focussed Exploration Model for the last decade and has been rewarded by R&D Tax Incentives of $5.6m to date. This has allowed Aruma to be in the vanguard of exploration companies in land acquisitions and applications. This project has matured and developed and now includes rare earth metals and is focussed on wide volcano-sedimentary basins with large crustal structures.In evaluating these projects Aruma uses up to date developments in exploration science to aid the company with the pursuit for valuable deposits in Western Australia.

Aruma has been successful in receiving Exploration Incentive Scheme funding for a drilling at several projects and is currently sponsoring research and drilling at Salmon Gums to increase its knowledge base.

Research Driven Exploration Strategy

Aruma adopts a technical, research-driven approach to all its exploration activities, from planning, targeting to execution. The Company has developed, and utilises, an exploration model that generates its exploration targets, and has received Australian government R & D tax refunds totalling just over $5.6 million (since 2011).

Significant returns from R & D tax refunds